Our Mission Medical care is not just about treating the sick; it is also about preventing illness, detecting it early and managing it to reduce complications. The focus of Diplomat Nursing Home is to develop an affordable healthcare framework through its diverse spectrum. We deliver excellent clinical outcome with superior patient care in a transparent manner within a safe environment, providing quality medical care through modern technology and highly skilled human resource. Caring beyond the treatment include a very cozy and homely environment where the patient and relatives feel free to discuss problems with us. Our Vision Our key focus is the well being of the patients. Our Hospital provides all the facilities that a patient requires during their stay. Very high end ICUs are under the surveillance by devoted nurses for each bed. They ensure intense, focused & personalized care. Our Values We safeguard and protect our patients and employees from any harmful infection and maintain the highest safety standards for a safe workplace for all. We work as a team with integrated medical, non-medical and professionals deliver the best solution and care to all patients. To create a trust, we even suggest better alternatives to patients at higher institutions and in the process we create a loyalty in the minds of people. We possess an integrity to do what is right even at difficult times. Our honesty is to be true for the best outcome. To show regard, esteem and appreciation to everyone, for the rights and dignity of all persons, and respect for the environment. A commitment to deliver the highest standard of diagnosis, surgery, post care & treatment with the best caring experience from our experienced and skilled personnel.